Customer Comments

Here are a few kind comments from some of our students past and present.

We aim to teach all abilities from newbie to advanced level and it’s always rewarding to receive positive feedback from our yoga students.

“I have been attending Simone’s yoga classes for around 2 years during which time my bad back has improved a great deal. I also have more flexibility and feel much more relaxed. I would recomment these classes to anyone regardless of age.”
Rita – 2011

“I’ve been practicing Yoga with Simone for about 12 years now and over the years have been to different teachers and tried different styles of yoga…which was good – but I always found that no-one surpassed what I got out of Simone’s classes. 

Simone has been a true inspiration to me and training with her has not only opened up doors to Yoga teaching but it’s also opened my mind to a world of knowledge that has enriched my yoga practice and my day to day life.” 
Punita – Aug 2011

“When the stresses of daily life pull you in all directions the practice of Yoga just makes you whole again. Words cannot thank you enough Simone for introducing me to Yoga and making me complete again. When I leave your class I feel as if I have had a weeks holiday.”
Susan Felles

“I have moved around the country quite a lot and met many Yoga teachers.  I was so pleased to have found the Crescent Yoga Centre two years ago and to have met up with Simone. She has the skill to make us all feel we are gettin one-to-one attention and that we can attempt every posture even if help is needed.

On a personal note Yoga has helped me greatly with my respiratory problems and kept me flexible
which I find necessary as I get older.”


“On advise of GP to take up Yoga. Have attended this Yoga class for Approx 18 months.  I have the
patience and expertise of my excellent tutor and her understanding of each individual student to be
invaluable. I have found the benefits of Yoga to be be both mentally and physically have been great for my confidence.”

Jacky C.

“Having attended Simone’s Yoga classes for many years I have found them most beneficial, improving my posture, flexiblity, balance and general well being. Simone’s enthusiasm is infectious.  She recognizes the differiing abilities of individuals adapting postures accordingly which keeps motivation high.”
Kay Bamford

“Yoga is a lifelong jouney for my body and mind.  My flexiblity has improved and is maintained but
I have learnt to listen to my bocy and it’s limitations. Classes are challenging and detailed but sympathetic to individual needs.”

Karen Ireland

“Yoga classes give me a disipline that helps keep me flexible and healthy in both mind and body.
My twice weekly classes have become a way of life and at the age of 82 years I can recommend
this practice for its benefits in health and a zest for life. Routines are varied and a friendly atmosphere is to be enjoyed.”

Mrs X

“Simone is very experienced and dedicated in her teaching of Yoga.  Young or old, novice or experienced everyone is made very welcome and a happy atomosphere is to be shared. Benefits are many and varied – better health, improved flexibilty and balance to name just a few.
Simone is very considerate of individual problems and shows great patience in helping to ease physical discomforts.”
Mrs Thornhill

“I have learnt the proven physical and mental benefits of Yoga, which is suitable for all ages and abilitiess. To me it is an escape from a very busy lifestyle with the added bonus of being good for me.  This can only be acheived with a good teacher.  Simone treats everyone as an idividual, giving them confidence in their ability.  I leave every class with an improved sense of well being.”

“Simone’s yoga classes have helped me maintain mobility. Her classes are enjoyable and she is always willing to adapt postures so we call all benefit.”

“I am 22 years old and I have been doing yoga with Simone for about 10 years now, since a very early age.  I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) which is why I first decided to try yoga.  I find it really helps me to control my pain and helps to keep me flexible.  Simone is a great teacher and offers individual support, even in very busy classes she manages to keep an eye on everyone to make sure they are doing the right thing!  Simone will always help you and will make alterations to a posture if it is too difficult for you.  The Crescent Yoga Studio in St Annes is easy to access and there is plenty of parking, it is a lovely studio with lots of equipment and the class is very welcoming.  I really enjoy going to Simone’s yoga classes once a week and would recommend it to anyone!”